Floor Care and Maintenance

With over 25 years of experience in Floor Care Services and Floor Waxing Services. Citi Cleaning Services separates us from competition due to the use of the highest quality floor wax / finishes and the most advanced floor machines available. We are continuously called on from our competitors to handle their floor jobs from. Citi Cleaning Services prides itself on detailed cleaning as well as detailed floor care, so we do not cut corners, we actually wax them! Floor finishes vary drastically in price, so don’t be fooled by low-balled quotes from our competitors. Using inexpensive floor wax will cost you 2-3x more in the end by leaving your floors looking dull and dirty as well as the need to repair them in no time.

Floor Care Services includes:

    • Tile and Grout Cleaning
    • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
    • Floor waxing, stripping, and polishing
    • VCT Cleaning

Citi Cleaning Services has serviced floors at large corporate headquarters, hospitals, US Post Offices, supermarkets, theaters, nightclubs, churches, shopping centers and many other types of businesses.

floor care maintenance
floor care maintenance